dimarts, 15 de gener de 2019

A walk by the sea without car

A friend of mine told me about a nice walk between two small train stations which are by the sea. The idea is to go Girona - Colera by train, walk from Colera to Llançà, and then take the train back from Llançà to Girona. The scenary is beautiful by the sea and it takes about two hours.
Colera is quite empty, while Llança is a small town with restaurants and all facilities so you can have lunch there. Some tips:
  • take sun protection, even in winter. Hats are good for your head.
  • take water with you
  • double check the trains; stations are small and not all trains stop there. It's about one hour away north of Girona.
This is the link for local trains:
In wikiloc you find the gps of the route:
You can install wikiloc on your mobile and it makes it very easy to follow the track. You have to buy the app but I believe it is worth.

dijous, 23 de març de 2017

Breakfast next morning

This is the place:

Be warned the quality has a price. Take it as a lunch.
Also very nice:
Price more reasonable. When it is full it may take time to get served thou.

diumenge, 5 de març de 2017

Renting a car?

Try this one. Idea similar to airbnb:

dimecres, 28 de setembre de 2016

A day out in kayac

I had a wonderful day with a friend on a kayac, down the river Ter- the same you see down the window of the appartment. The price is 25 euros per person, they drop you off by the river on collect you back some 7 km down, when you call them. We had a lovely picnic and a nap by the river banks. It was all quiet and full of nature.
You need a bit of a phisical shape as the river doesn't flow fast. Good excuse to fill the apetite.
This is the link:
Call them to book ahead. They may work also out of season.

dimecres, 20 de juliol de 2016

Bus to Cadaques

As it took me 10 minutes and I found it by chance in the end, here you have the link:
It seems that you have to go to Figueres first. There used to be one bus from Girona, but I can't find it any more.
It takes 40 minutes to Figures by train, and then 1 hour the bus.

dissabte, 4 de juny de 2016

Another take-away: Nostrum

This one with all kinds of food (also veggy) at a very reasonable price. Pack in and forget the kitchen!
The price is a lot better if you purchase a membership card, for 5€. It's worth the price.
It's 10 minutes walk.
Nostrum's web Get there

A great place for beers: El primer glop

They know their business: beer! And also they are very friendly and happy to recommend. A weekly choice of beer in dispensers.
Carrer de la Barca, 23, 17004 Girona Get there